Radon Testing

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Radon gas is found everywhere, but is particularly high, here in our area.  Radon is a naturally occurring decay product of the breakdown of the Uranium atom, hundreds of feet below the soil. As this Uranium atom breaks down, it is eventually converted to Radon-222, which is the form of Radon that is linked to lung cancer.

Radon is measured in PCi/L (picocuries per liter). Picocurie per liter (pCi/L): a unit of radioactivity corresponding to an average of one decay every 27 seconds in a volume of one liter, or 0.037 decays per second a liter of air or water:  1 pCi/L = 37 becquerels per cubic meter (Bq/m3).

The EPA states any home testing over 4 pci/L should have a Radon Mitigation system installed to lower Radon levels. I typically find that 1 out of every 3 homes that I test have a Radon level in excess of 4.0 pci/l.

Here in NE Tennessee; Sullivan, Washington, Greene, and Hawkins counties are in Zone 1. This zone has an average indoor testing average greater than 4.0 pci/l. While Carter and Unicoi Counties are in Zone 2, with an average between 2 – 4 pci/l. 

Radon Gas is currently the second leading cause of Lung Cancer in the United States, with over 22,000 deaths associated with it annually.

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I test for the presence of Radon with the newest and most advanced pulsed ionization chamber on the market. This monitor is set up on the lowest, lived-in level of the home, and runs for 48 hours.

This monitors collects an hour by hour average of the radon concentration level in the home. As well as collecting temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure readings, as well as monitoring for movement or vibrations to the device. These temperature, humidity, pressure, and vibration readings are collected to alert us to the possibility that the test was tampered with. For example; someone trying to move the device outdoors, opening windows or doors, etc.


Test results are available immediately after collecting the device, and a full report showing all the data for 48 hours, is sent out the same day.