Home Inspection Reports

Home Inspection Report Kingsport, Johnson City, TN
  • When conducting a home inspection I have a routine that I follow on every home, to ensure all components and areas are inspected thoroughly.

  • When preparing the Home Inspection report I use detailed, clear, and concise verbiage describing the location of the issue, the adverse affects, and repair recommendations.

  • Photos of the issue(s) are included with annotations and arrows included on the picture describing the issue.

  • Diagrams are included for major issues, showing how the component or area should be functioning.

 Click on the files below to view recent Home Inspection, Indoor Air Quality, and Radon reports. I strive to provide the most thorough Home Inspection and detailed report in the area.

 Home Inspection Reports

https://www.spectora.com/home-inspectors/professional-home-inspections/sample_report    (This link is a new software that I have been working with that allows me to put videos in the report. Also, any image in the report can be selected and viewed full screen.)

718 Smith Ave    (Home inspection with multiple deficiencies)

1001 Evaluation Dr    (Home inspection with several deficiencies)

1212 Inspection Pl   (New construction home with multiple deficiencies)

 Mold/Indoor Air Quality Reports



Radon Reports