Why Hire Me?

I conduct Home inspections as if my family was moving into the home.


Protect Your Investment

Let me deliver a report that helps you to make an educated decision.


Expert Knowledge

Put my 20 years of Inspection/Construction experience to work for you.

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Why Hire Professional Home Inspections

As a homeowner myself, I understand purchasing a home is an overwhelming experience, as well as the largest investment most of us will ever make.

  • I will use my 20 years of experience in Home Inspections, remodeling, and home repairs to evaluate your home as if I was purchasing it for my family.

  • I have earned my designation as a Certified Master Inspector, at a minimum this shows that I have completed at least 1000 home inspections, hundreds of hours of education in related fields, and been in business for a minimum of three years.

  • I will not rush a home inspection, regardless if it takes 3 hours or 5 hours, everything will be evaluated thoroughly.  

  • Thermal Imaging is used on every Home Inspection for no additional fee. (great way to find moisture intrusion and electrical hot spots)

  • According to the State of Tennessee standards of practice, walking a roof is “optional” for all Home Inspectors, I will walk every roof (within reason). If I can stand on it, I’m walking it. If the roof is too steep to be walked, instead of excluding the roof, or simply inspecting it from a ladder, I utilize an aerial drone that takes HD photos that are included in the report.

  • Crawl spaces and attics are two areas that I pay particular attention to, these are the two most important areas structurally in a home. Ensuring there is no moisture intrusion, damage, or framing deficiencies is a priority.

I take pride in everything I do, as well as giving my all. That’s exactly what you get from me in a Home Inspection. Attention to detail, thoroughness, and my expertise. I would appreciate the opportunity to inspect your next home.

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