Home Inspection Services

Buyer’s Pre-purchase Inspection

Performed during a real estate transaction’s “inspection period”, this Inspection and accompanying report will allow you to make an educated purchasing decision. This visible inspection will alert you to damage, components that are past their typical life span, safety hazards, and any other significant deficiency of the home. More about what is looked at can be found by clicking here.

 Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection

This inspection is performed for the seller of a property before listing the home for sale. This inspection and accompanying report will allow the seller to gain a better understanding of their home prior to it hitting the market. This gives the seller the ability to make repairs to discovered deficiencies themselves, avoiding repair demands and related negotiations from buyers when they have their own home inspection. More info on what is reported on can be found by clicking here.

Warranty Inspections

This inspection also referred to as an “11th Month Warranty Inspection”, is performed for homeowners whom have recently purchased a new construction home. Builders are required by The State of Tennessee to warranty their construction for a period of one year after the sale of the home. This Home Inspection and accompanying report will report on the visible conditions of the home and alert you to any deficiencies that will be in need of repair by your builder. It is very important that this inspection is completed prior to you owning the home for 365 days. More information on what is inspected can be found by clicking here.

 Thermal Imaging Inspections

While the use of an infrared camera is used on my Home Inspections, this is a limited thermal imaging inspection, mainly focusing on moisture intrusion below grade, and looking for electrical hotspots in the electrical panel of the home. A Full Thermal Imaging Inspection of the home is available where a full scan of the home is conducted, analyzing for moisture intrusion, insulation deficiencies, areas of energy loss and electrical hotspots. More information about Thermal Imaging can be found by clicking here.

Radon Testing

With this area containing some of the highest radon gas concentration levels in the country, Radon testing is a must. This 48 hour test will be accompanied by a report that shows the 48 hour average of the Radon concentration level in the home, as well as an hour by hour breakdown over those 48 hours. More information on Radon and it’s implications can be found by clicking here.

Mold Testing

Mold testing consists of taking either physical samples of visible fungal growth in the home, and/or performing an indoor air quality test that will alert you to mold spores contained in the air of the home. These “samples” are sent to a laboratory to be analyzed, and a report is produced from the laboratory which will show the strain of mold and concentration level / spore count in the air, if applicable. The report from the laboratory is accompanied by a report from me which will contain moisture readings on the areas in question as well as recommendations for repairs. More information can be found by clicking here.