Do You Need Mold Testing?

I take pride in serving the Tri-Cities area by providing thorough home inspections and detailed inspection reports to homeowners. My decades of experience allows me to identify potential moisture  problems, including the growth of mold and other areas of concern. Through my descriptive and thorough reports, you will feel confident about how to make your home a safe place to live.

-KC Bartley, Owner and IAC2 Certified Mold Inspector

Does Your House Have Mold?


MOLD: A Silent Threat To Your Family​

Mold in your home is a serious threat to you and your loved ones. In many cases, homeowners are unaware they are living in close quarters with this type of health hazard until they hire the services of a professional home inspector. Mold testing is not only a way to protect your home, it is a way to invest in your health and the health of your family as well.

The Importance Of Quality Testing

If there is a musty smell in your home or you can see discoloration in certain places, these may be signs of a mold problem. You need a thorough inspection and testing done in order to determine what type of mold it is and what remediation steps may be necessary. I can perform indoor air quality testing and surface testing in every area of your home that may be affected, including:

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Do You Need Mold Testing?

Mold Information

Mold fungi are everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, and mold plays an important role in our ecosystem as it breaks down and feeds on decaying leaves, trees, and other organic material. 

Where mold can present problems in homes is when wet and/or damp areas allow it to settle on those surfaces, and grow. Organic based materials with greater than 16% moisture content will allow for the formation of mold, and this mold will then begin to feed on this organic material, breaking it down, causing decay. 

The first step in controlling/eliminating mold has to begin with correcting the source of the moisture that allowed it to form in the first place. Sometimes that can be as simple as a plumbing leak. Correcting the leak will starve the mold of its moisture source and eventually the mold will become dormant, but spores will still be present.

More Mold Information

More often than not, Mold is found on floor framing members in crawl spaces and basements due to the available moisture these areas hold. Grading problems around homes are very common in this area, and these grading deficiencies allow the soil surrounding the foundation to become saturated. Once this soil is saturated it allows moisture to permeate through porous foundation walls, and either water intrusion occurs, or the humidity in the area rises. This creates the perfect conditions for the formation of mold growth.  

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Health Effects of Mold

The presence of mold spores in the home can cause irritation to the the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. It can trigger asthma attacks and can be particularly troublesome for immune-suppressed persons.

4 of the most common molds found indoors are; Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Alternaria.

The effects of a particular mold species on the occupants of a home should be evaluated and advised by a medical professional.

Testing Information

A mold like substance, when found, will be called “fungal growth”, until analyzed by an accredited laboratory. Only a laboratory analyzing samples using a microscope and other testing equipment can determine if “fungal growth” is indeed mold, and of what strain. 

I conduct two different collection procedures of the fungal growth to be analyzed:

The first is surface sampling. A laboratory grade tape is applied to the area of fungal growth and peeled off, and sealed. This procedure is great for when there is visible fungal growth, and will determine if the growth is mold and of what strain. Its drawback is it does not give you any information as to the spore count of mold being present in the air of the home. 

The second procedure is Indoor air quality testing. This procedure is always recommended, but is a must if a musty smell is present in the home, and the foundation is not visible (finished basements). The results from this procedure will determine what mold spores are present in the air and at what concentration.

Do You Need Mold Testing?

Even More Reasons To Choose Professional Home Inspections LLC

Experience Matters

I have been working in Kingsport, Johnson City, Greeneville and the surrounding areas of Northeast Tennessee for over 26 years. My extensive experience allows me to quickly identify problems because I have a thorough understanding of the common mold-related issues many Tri-Cities homeowners experience. Your home is an investment, and a mold inspection is a way you can protect this investment as well as the well-being of your family.

If my tests reveal that mold is an issue in your home, I know how to locate its source and recommend how to correct the moisture problem. My detailed reports help homeowners, buyers, sellers and investors to fully understand the scope of mold growth or moisture problems and make necessary repairs and mitigation efforts.

Quick Action is Important!

If you think mold is an issue in your home, quick action is essential. Mold growth is easier to stop the faster you identify the problem. Whether you’ve had a leak and want to prevent problems or you notice signs of mold growth, you can benefit from our knowledge, experience and dedication to quality home inspections.

Contact Professional Home Inspections at (423) 306-0508 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment for mold testing and indoor air quality testing. When it’s your home and your health on the line, it can’t wait.   (Great source of info from the Centers for Disease Control)  (Information on mold from the EPA)